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How to build a powder coating oven

WARNING: If the thought of listening to some random dude you’ve never met going on for hours and hours about sheet metal, oven elements and PIDs makes you queezy, then I suggest you brace yourself. Now on the other hand, if you DO enjoy hearing about steel studs, rock wool insulation and thermocouples, then go mix yourself a gin and tonic, or simply pour yourself a glass of water and venture in to my world of building your own powder coating oven.

Why did I do this to myself?

In the process of rebuilding my 1999 Suzuki DR350 I had a revelation. When it was time to fix all of the rusted metal on my DR350, including the frame, I would try my luck at a process called powder coating. This article is how I went about it.


First off, let me warn you now that this is by no means a tutorial, how-to, or any other kind of guide meant to be duplicated or copied. This is the first time that I have done this and honestly I’m simply not the type of guy you want to follow during a zombie apocalypse. Buuuuttt…if you are keen enough, you should be able to get it all figured out, and you might actually be able to do it without passing away. But seriously, don’t get pissed at me when you realize that I didn’t mention dimensions, or any other “important details”. I just create this junk as I go.

Abrasive Blasting

How to build a homemade sandblasting cabinet

How to build a homemade sandblasting cabinet.

How to build a homemade sandblasting cabinet – By yours truly, Giovanni Smecca.

(Check the video at the bottom of the page for new updates and modifications that I highly recommend!)

If you’ve read my post about powder coating, which you probably haven’t, since its not done yet, then you know that in order to successfully powder coat something, it must be properly prepped, and in almost every case, the part you want to coat must be stripped down to bare metal. The most effective, fun, exciting, dangerous, unhealthy, and generally guaranteed slaphappy way of doing this is by sandblasting. So grab yourself a cup of tea, a cup of coffee, a glass of milk, a pint of whiskey, an ice cold beer, a glass of water, a flagon of mead,  some ovaltine, or whatever it is you drink, throw on your snuggie and buckle your seat belt because you’re about to go on the ride of your life! (Not really…)