Honda shadow bobber build

Welcome to the honda shadow bobber build. Watch a couple of crazies grind on a 1993 honda shadow VLX VT600C while we try to convert it into a bobber without using kits, and trying our best to recycle all of the original parts, team Rossi style.


Here we have a 1993 Honda Shadow VLX VT600C that my cousin bought off some guy. My cousin wanted to get it running so I told him I wouldn’t mind helping him out since I’m always looking for something to wrench on. The photo below was taken the day the bike was dropped off at my place. The bike wasn’t really that bad looking, although I do suppose this picture does do it some justice…

So, the bike didn’t run, the tires needed air and the front brake was dragging, which made moving it a royal pain in the ass, legs, arms, back, feet and soul. Shes a real piece of work.

Anyhow, a few days ago I mentioned this bike to my buddy, Jarrod, because he needed a ride, and it wasn’t long after that when he made the decision to purchase it. Jarrod, of course, also decided that keeping the bike stock would be taking the easy way out…